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Our vision

In Soaring Life Ministries our passion is to see believers become the hands and feet of Jesus and fly to the heights in their destiny in Christ. We desire to see the warriors of God rise up out of every entanglement and live a life of victory and freedom from every heaviness.  We have tons of ways to get involved! Join our Soaring Life family, whether by coming with us on a mission trip, joining in on a conference, tuning in online, or becoming a financial partner.

Purity Conferences

"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God."


We, love to declare purity over the women of God, young and old. We can speak at your youth group, church, or school! 

our ministries
Mission Trips

We go all over the world doing mission trips. Come with us! You will get the opportunity to step out in Faith, preach, share the Gospel in another culture, witness the sick being healed, and much much more! Every year we go to multiple nations in the world, and places in the states loving on the broken and hurting. Click below to register or learn about our upcoming trips. 

Evangelism Training Conference For Your Church!

Statistically 85% of church goers never share their faith to anyone around them. So to tackle this problem we do hands on 1-3 days training, for your church on how to share the Gospel, and practical ways to step out in Faith!  We can do a 1 to 3 day training for your local church.

Street Ministry/ Evangelism Opportunities Every Month In Charlotte

In Charlotte, North Carolina we have teamed up with a local group called Jesus Teams out of MorningStar church. We do street ministry outreaches on a monthly basis, and we meet the second Saturday morning of every month for breakfast and then hit the streets of our city with the Love of Jesus. We are seeing many set free and healed. If you would ever like to join us or learn us and we will share with you the details and location! 

Video Sermon Calls

If we can't get to your location Sara Wilson can video call with your local church, youth group, or Bible study!

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